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Nasum Portable AC cooler, the affordable way to cool down fast


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The spring in now over and we are all looking forward to the hot summer days loaded with fun at the beach together with family and friends. But heat, as great as it may be, it can be hard to endure, especially by some people.

With increasing prices for air conditioning systems and high amounts of energy consumed during the season to come, maybe it’s time for some savings while keeping the same level of efficiency and comfort of traditional climate control. This season, it’s time to switch to Nasum Portable AC!

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no maintenance, no installation required

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Smart functions for a better cooling experienced


How to use Nasum air cooler?

We’ve already mentioned that this device needs no complicated installation. Just power it by using the DC5V plug which is included in the box, add 450ml of cold tap water in the built in tank inside the cooler and press the start button.

You will feel the cooling effects in less than one (1) minute. Refill the tank at every 8 hours for continuos chilling.

Adjust the cooling mode that’s comfortable for you by selecting one of the three available steps: 1. Low (Breeze), 2. Medium(Cool), 3. High(Chill).

Enjoy your favourite activities in your house, office or garage without concerns over excessive heat and discomfort. Nasum Portable AC instantly brings cool, fresh air in the middle of the hottest summers, for prices that will take you by surprise.

Breathe easier, stay cool and feel better will Nasum Portable AC

Nasum Portable AC delivers an innovative high-end experience, with improved functions while on a low energy bill:
  •  3 gears helping you adjust the ideal mode, from cool breeze to regular fan
  • integrated air quality control system, including the humidifier mode suitable for customers aiming to breath easier or fight the discomforts caused by a drier climate
  • extremely fast air cooling – just 30 seconds will be enough for the air in your room to chill with the Rapid Cooling Mode, delivering an air speed of 2.7 m/s
  • adjustable fan speeds for each person’s needs
  • easy to use system – it only needs 450 ml of water and a power source, for at least 8 hours of comfort
  • light, modern design, small and quiet – suitable for any spae, easy to move around and extremely quiet, Nasum fits any preference and it is excellent for bedroom use
  • improved experience with the integrated lighting option
  • tuning vents to direct cooled air in any direction
  • filtered, cleaner air – fights allergies caused by pollen, dust and other floating air impurities

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